Rolfing Rates

Rolfing Sessions

  • $180 per Rolfing session w/ Allison Benner 60 minutes
  • $180 per Rolfing session w/ Michael Polon 60 minutes
  • $160 per Rolfing session w/ Christy Newhof 70 minutes
  • $100 per Rolfing session for children (14 and under) 40 minute session


*Most HSA and Flex Spending accounts accepted*

**Reduced rates are available for those in need on a case by case basis**


Health Insurance & Rolfing


Rolfing is not covered by most insurance plans though it is compatible with the majority of health savings and flex spending accounts. We can provide receipts and documentation if you wish to pursue reimbursement with your provider.

Complementary Consultation

30 Minute
complementary consultation

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