What is Rolfing

What is Rolfing?

Alignment based manipulation of the body's soft tissue

Rolfing is a process of soft tissue manipulation designed to balance your body by releasing tension and strain. Rolfing moves beyond symptomatic relief, focusing on whole body alignment for sustainable change.

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Benefits of Rolfing

Chronic Pain, Nerve Pain, Posture, Stress...

Some people who are dealing with chronic pain, nerve pain, posture issues, stress, postpartum and other pain issues benefit greatly from Rolfing. Additionally, athletes, children, pregnant women and others also benefit from Rolfing.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rolfing

How and Who it helps, History of and more...

How is Rolfing different than a massage? How about the differences of Rolfing compared to a chiropractor? Learn more by following the link below and if it doesn't address your questions just ask us!

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