Noura Ismaeil's

Client Testimonials

Noura has an intuitive capacity as a practitioner. I have witnessed her empathy towards others and she is very devoted to this work. She has a calm presence which allows one to feel at ease. This induces one to connect to the inner wisdom of our body wherein lies our ability to heal.

I had the great fortune to be connected with Noura for craniosacral work in the aftermath of losing a parent. During the grief process, I had a great deal of trouble sleeping, and suffered from significant bouts of anxiety and depression. I benefited hugely from Noura’s kind healing presence, not to mention her knowledge and skill in regard to the nervous system, trauma negotiation, nutrition, art, and all things somatic. Her abilities extend beyond the cranial bones and nerves… she knows ‘the only way out is through’ and she can hold space for her clients as they journey through life’s challenges. Thanks to my sessions with Noura, I started to sleep better and feel more grounded. She helped me create space and resilience to facilitate both recovery and personal growth.

Noura is an incredibly skilled craniosacral therapist that is able to attune to the subtle energies of misalignment in your system and bring you back to a place of cohesiveness. Noura’s touch brings me back to safety in my body and connection. Her sessions are incredibly informative for me and relaxing. I am grateful to have such a skilled body worker to receive work by.

I have had the pleasure to work with Noura over the last few years. She is an amazing intuitive healer that has facilitated healing for me on many levels. I have worked with a number of healers in my life and Noura is one of the most nurturing and intuitive of them all. I highly recommend her as she has a gift that should be experienced.