Liz Klinger

Practitioner Profile:

Liz is a Certified Rolfer and practices Acutonics sound healing and yoga therapy. Liz graduated from the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. She has continued her education through taking advanced classes, focusing even more detail on the joints, nerves, and visceral components of the body. Acutonics is a modality of healing that has its roots set in Five Element Acupuncture. It is a non-invasive approach to open, balance, and ground the nervous system. Acutonics can ease breathing, help nervousness and anxiety, and create a sense of overall calm. Yoga is a beneficial support to the Rolfing process providing a different perspective for the client to relate to their body in gravity. Liz's teaching style slows the poses down allowing the client to hone in on a true sense of balance, ease and spaciousness. Liz works with each individual to discuss their specific needs to create a treatment aligned with their goals. 

Since childhood, Liz has been fascinated by how the world works. She has always loved the outdoors for fueling her creative spirit. Through the natural world, she grew interested in the connection between art, healing, and spirit. Liz found the practice of Rolfing and Acutonics while searching to find healing for her body. She was born with pneumonia and incurred a back injury at the age of 5 that guided her to find the most practical and least invasive way to cure her ailments.These practices opened a door for her to develop a new relationship with herself and her environment that continues to evolve through time.

Liz's Unique Approach 

Rolfing improves posture and decreases tension and pain through retraining the postural and locomotor systems. Liz believes that the body is adaptable and self organizing. Using a slow and intelligent touch, Liz lengthens and reorganizes the body’s connective tissue to allow for freedom of expression within the 3D plane that we live in. The benefits are long lasting after the work is complete. Liz applies a unique combination of techniques that stem from her training in yoga, acutonics, and Rolfing to allow the client to find more space in their body. Liz believes an individual's blueprint for health can be accessed through Rolfing and Acutonics as these therapies reconnect us to the core memory of our nervous systems. Whether it’s those who are in pain or individuals looking to improve self awareness, Rolfing serves everyone. Liz is happy to share her knowledge and practice with all.

Liz's Office

Liz's office is located in the Highlands Wellness Center. Highlands Wellness offers its clientele a diverse community of therapists. Due to the inter-connected nature of physical and emotional health, both Rolfing and Acutonics are excellent ways to support and often accelerate other health endeavors and healing modalities. 

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Liz Klinger

"The changes I have experienced with Liz are nothing short of profound. All the sessions with Liz were really enjoyable. She has a kind, grounded, yet direct demeanor. After session 10, I felt I could strand up straight after a long nights sleep, wit...Read More
Andy Beyers