Erin Farley, Certified Rolfer & Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

Practitioner Profile:

Erin has been a Certified Rolfer since 2011. Her passion for the body comes from her background as a dancer and a lover of movement. When she received her first 10-series of Rolfing sessions, she noticed areas of chronic tension and pain began to shift and soften, often within the course of just one session. As this process unfolded, she found this shift in her body began to transform other aspects of her life as well. Erin made the transition from a more traditional career in higher education into Rolfing in order to facilitate change in this way for others. In 2016, Erin furthered her studies and became a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist, a profound and gentle modality which supports healing chronic pain and nervous system tension.

Erin's unique approach:

Erin’s educative approach empowers clients to find options for pain-free movement in every life circumstance. She believes in optimizing the inherent health and radiance in every body. Erin is passionate about working with the mind to influence the body, and utilizes tools both in sessions and as take-home resources for clients to cultivate an enhanced mind/body connection.

Erin's office:

Erin's office is located in the Highlands Wellness Center. Highlands Wellness offers its clientele a diverse community of therapists. Due to the inter-connected nature of physical and emotional health, both Rolfing and Craniosacral therapy are excellent ways to support and often accelerate other health endeavors and healing modalities. Erin encourages the use of multiple healing modalities as a path towards sustainable change.

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Hear from Erin's Clients

Erin is the most compassionate practitioner of deep body work that I've ever experienced. The work she does is restorative - she will literally give you your body back. Your body will remember how to move with strength and efficiency, how to be without pain, and there's no rigorous techniques you have to master in order to maintain it. That's what I love most about this modality - it is essentially without effort.
- H.L., 40, Holistic Health Practitioner

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