Christy Stricklin, Certified Rolfer

Practitioner Profile:

Christy is a graduate of the Rolf ® Institute for Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. She continues to study the visceral and neurological systems of the body and is also passionate about contemplative practice, yoga and all types of movement.

For almost two decades, Christy's career was in the business industry, focusing on creating change and efficiency in corporate, small business and non-profit firms. Many long hours at the office coupled with life-long chronic pain led her to explore many modalities of bodywork. Upon finding Rolfing Structural Integration at Rolfing Solutions in 2011, she began to experience change in a different and lasting way, finding balance and awareness in her body.

This transformative experience led her to pursue a Rolfing mentorship with long-time Denver Rolfer Allison Benner. Ultimately she decided to learn more about her body by studying to become a Certified Rolfer and is excited to help others find ease and structural change in their bodies.

Christy is a volunteer in the Denver community. She has worked closely with several organizations including PeaceJam, the Denver Public Library, the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation and the Emily Griffith Opportunity School as an ESL Tutor to refugee families.

Christy's unique approach:

Christy values Rolfing as a lasting solution for sustained alignment in the structure of the body, ultimately supporting the body's ability to heal itself. Christy believes that alignment is unique to everyone. She understands the demands of high-stress environments and enjoys supporting clients in their transformational journey towards ease and grace. She is skilled at unlocking the holding patterns of the body and allowing balance and harmony to flow.

Christy's office:

Christy's office is located in the Highlands Wellness Center. Highlands Wellness offers its clientele a diverse community of therapists due to the inter-connected nature of physical and emotional health. Christy likes to be part of a team solution and finds that clients often accelerate their healing when they see professionals in multiple healing modalities such as massage, physical therapy, yoga therapy, acupuncture, psychotherapy, and somatic therapy.

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Hear from Christy's Clients

“From the first session, I felt comfortable and relaxed with Christy. She's able to tune into where my body and mind are and meet me there -- providing helpful reflections and questions without saying too much. She has a masterful grasp of anat...Read More