Allison Benner, Certified Rolfer

Practitioner Profile:

Allison Benner received her certification in Rolfing Structural Integration from the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. While training in India to be a yoga instructor, Allison's studies led her to explore Rolfing as a solution for lasting structural change in the body. Allison was attracted to Rolfing's principles of structural support and alignment as the building blocks for whole body health. After receiving a life-changing Rolfing series, Allison moved to Boulder to become a Rolfer herself. Allison is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation instructor teaching in Denver. Allison holds her B.A. from the University of Virginia.

Allison's Unique Approach 

Allison's approach matches the pace of each client. Allison utilizes hands on manipulation, movement education, and an interactive relationship to support her clients on their path towards ease and integration in their bodies. Rolfing addresses pain beyond the symptoms. Acknowledging the total body nature of injury, patterns, and compensations, Rolfing corrects posture, reduces pain, and enhances performance in a sustainable manner. The work returns the body to a state of balance reminding us of our natural fluidity and comfort.

Allison's Office

Allison's office is located in the Highlands Wellness Center. Highlands Wellness offers its clientele a diverse community of therapists. Due to the inter-connected nature of physical and emotional health, Rolfing is an excellent way to support and often accelerate other health endeavors and healing modalities. Allison encourages self-awareness and supportive nutrition as compliments to structural change.

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I don’t believe in miracles, I only believe in what is proven to work. I am not really sure what I expected when I walked into my first Rolfing appointment with Allison Benner. Perhaps more pain and theory or another therapy that helped but di...Read More
Jim Adler

Allison Rolfer Denver

Allison Rolfer Denver

Allison Rolfer Denver